Trip to India part 15 – Richmond Town Methodist Church & MG Road

Had an amazing day today. Attended church at Richmond Town Methodist Church, which was the first Methodist Church to be established in Bangalore in India. The church was started in 1875 by William Taylor (as in Taylor University).…/Richmond_Town_Methodist_Church

It felt like home. They sing a similar mix of hymns and contemporary songs. And the slides got out of whack, just like a Thurs night at SUMC! 😂

There I met a wonderful man named Stephen David and his family. We had a great talk about faith, family, & politics over chai tea. He was a writer/reporter for India Today and other newspapers. They then graciously drove me downtown and gave me shopping tips. 

I shopped and walked along the MG Road (as in Mahatma Ghandi), the “Main Street” of Bengaluru. And finally made it to the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum. Kinda like a Children’s Museum for science. 

A quick video of the view along MG Road across from the Cauvery Emporium.

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